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Greener Good supports the community through collection, organization, and redistribution of reusable materials while also providing programs for reimagining, repurposing, and creating environmental awareness.

Greener Good makes reclaimed and reusable materials donated by individuals and businesses available to be used by crafters, artists, kids of all ages, and educators. 

Trash should be for items that have no other use and are at the end of  their usefulness.


Greener Good was born out of the desire to reduce waste in our community and serve others. What made it all come together was finding organizations collecting used materials to provide to teachers, artists, and more.


We collect used or meant-to-be-used-but-never-got-to-them art and craft materials. Even more fun is playing with nontraditional materials that we may normally throw away or recycle.

We will make materials available to the community at a low cost and host creative workshops for all ages.

The Teacher Shop

Let's help teachers spend less out of pocket

We recognize teachers spend too much out of pocket and there are lots of folks who would be happy to donate gently loved items to see that change.

Greener Good connects the community and teachers by providing space for teachers to shop for school, office, art supplies and more. Early childhood, chapter books, novels, and textbooks are also collected and made available. 

Make a difference in our community

Greener Good

We've Been Open One Year!

106 S Northwest Highway

Palatine, IL

Open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 11a-6p

Two Saturdays per month 10a-3p

See our shop dates

Reach us at or 847.250.7185

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