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Creative Reuse Shop: Our creative reuse shop has art, craft, office, and school supplies available at low prices. New and secondhand items are donated by individuals and organizations. 

Shops Hours & Location

The shop is open to everyone and pricing is 'take what you want, pay what you want'. We ask for a financial donation to keep us going. 

Support Classrooms: In our community we have unused and leftover supplies that can be used in local classrooms. Greener Good provides a location for individuals and businesses to donate materials. Teachers can then select free and low-cost supplies through our programs.

Support free supplies for teachers through our Adopt-a-Classroom program and by donating secondhand materials. 

Creative & STEM Workshops: There are lots of fun things to create so let's get to it! We offer art, craft, and STEM workshops with a focus on sustainability.


Using reclaimed and repurposed items makes our workshops more affordable and awesome for the earth!

See what workshops are coming up

Email us if you have recommendations for future workshops or want to lead a workshop.

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