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Thank you Ana Belaval and WGN's Around Town

On May 6th WGN's Around Town series with Ana Bellaval came to Greener Good's new, larger location! It was a great time and we were so lucky to have had this visit to share our efforts and goals in the community. You can see the short videos here if you missed them.

It's now been almost two months and daily we continue to have donation drop-offs and new shoppers because they saw us on WGN. Today someone from Northbrook came to drop off donations and he said they were watching WGN while in Vancouver, BC when he learned about us!

The support of the community has provided hope that we can grow in our impact. This has been shown through folks coming in saying they heard of us from a friend, neighbor or family member. Also, nearly 10% of shop income has been 'round up' donations to provide teachers at Title I schools with free supplies for their classroom. Let's not forget to mention that 2,500 pounds of materials were donated in May alone! The donations from individuals, businesses, teachers and schools have been amazing to be able to provide through the shop for the community. Most items are $1 and under or 30% of retail prices. With the way prices are today we are humbled to be able to provide the community with affordable items for their creativity, necessities and for giving to others.

Volunteers are much needed and we would love to have you join us for a few hours in the shop, at a community event or perhaps weekly to enjoy volunteering fun with us!

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